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How to Be Successful In Online Courses

How to Be Successful In Online Courses


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Getting Familiar With Good Study Habits

The luxury to study can be replaced with taking the kids to school, work, and social obligations. Managing your time in between tasks helps balance a busy schedule with your learning goal. Learning online requires discipline to achieve long-term knowledge of a particular subject. If you haven’t already before you begin any course plan weekly study time. When participating in a group learning environment, make connections with your fellow learners.  Suitable Success will introduce you to a selection of learning behaviors that has halted the rate of retaining the information you have learned previously. We’ll also provide tools that will augment your innate creativity when remembering data. Gain new learning skills through courses and online material on our website. You can learn about all we have to offer or select courses that are relevant to your current skills. Now it’s time to flex those creative muscles on developing your very own website. Don’t get overwhelmed we’re in this together meaning our friends at Stampede Hosting will provide all the resources you need for it to function. Let’s not lose focus that this course is designed to teach you valuable techniques to be successful in an online learning environment (OLE). By using a site as the core project to learn how to better utilize your inventiveness when learning a new skill will enhance your learning capacity. By “learning capacity” I mean the physical structure of your brain, including all the neural networks that determine how well you can think (your memory, attention, speed of processing, and ability to sequence ideas). Get familiar with the structure of your brain with this simple module.

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Imagine if you could increase your brain's ability to process information faster and remember it longer. Your mind can adapt to new ideas and rewire itself through different memory methods. Adding this skill along with others will increase your ability to retain information days, months, and years after learning something new. The motivation to adopt these new skills in one's life can be challenging mentally. Our goal is to teach you to find habits you already do and implement your quiet time, personal routine before learning followed by a short learning session using the new skills learned in this course.

Deciding to take the next step by enrolling in this course provides tips and successful learning suggestions. Did you know that taking a nap after a study session can actually help you learn faster and remember better? One study suggests sleep-deprived mice experienced less dendritic growth following a learning task than well-rested mice. Now having the know-how to take information and cement it into your long-term memory the fastest you can be an ideal skill to have. Almost a superpower when data is king in an information dominant society. With access to the internet, you can absorb multiple facets of data when learning online. The important factors in increasing your memory quality are listed below. Complete this module to become more familiar with these methods of improving memory function. 
  1. Focus Your Attention. ...
  2. Avoid Cramming. ...
  3. Structure and Organize. ...
  4. Utilize Mnemonic Devices. ...
  5. Elaborate and Rehearse. ...
  6. Visualize Concepts. ...
  7. Relate New Information to Things You Already Know. ...
  8. Read Out Loud.
  9. Pay Extra Attention to Difficult Information
  10. Vary Your Study Routine
  11. Get Some Sleep
By adding an element of novelty to your study sessions, you can increase the effectiveness of your efforts and significantly improve your long-term recall. With the website being developed in this course you will improve on your ability to arrange content. Learn how colors appeal to different people and how that psychology influences conversions. Touch on marketing techniques and the tools needed to run a successful marketing campaign. A little technical terminology but don’t worry we won’t be doing any hard code, this will be more of a drag and drop experience. Remember our focus is to teach you what learning skills are and show you different ways to use them to learn more efficiently. We don’t want to get lost in programming because there are so many useful tools that eliminate the need to write even one line of HTML5  code and still achieve your desired visual outcome. Our approach to critical learning involves visual concepts pertaining to your course of study. Draw charts or figures in the margins of your notes or use highlighters or pens in different colors to group related ideas in your written study materials. I personally use the app Trello to organize all sorts of information when learning new material. 

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